Battle of the Nations 2014


Battle of the Nations (UK) 2014.

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This years event is open to the public on the 24th and 25th May 2014 opening times are 09:00am to 17:00 on Saturday and 09:00am until 16:00pm on Sunday,come and see,smell,and hear the sights and sounds  of a Napoleonic living history camp see them prepare there food and go about the day to day tasks of a private soldier,observe a military surgeon dealing with malingerers and carryout amputations (not to be missed forget watching a film see it happen here).Talk to the soldiers and watch them practice there drill ,watch there skill at arms,this year we have a small cavalry group displaying there  skill at arms on horseback this is not to be missed.The Battle is staged over two days so if you see day one you have to see day two.

ENTRANCE Costs £10:00 per car and 4 occupants for an extra £1:00 each you get entrance to the second day Battle is staged over two days see day one then you must see day two .

This is a not for profit event all profits go to the named charities.


Whilst at Hunton Court visit Jason Salkey (rifleman Harris from the series Sharpe).There is some limited space for spectators to camp for the  weekend please call 07594918705 to book a pitch traders welcome but must be relevant to the re-enactment.

Address of event is South Park Hunton Court West Street,Hunton Maidstone Kent ME 15 0 RN see you there at the event of the year in the heart of the Kentish countryside.

Sponsored by Wrights Fencing,Xchef,George Parker and Sue,Stilebridge Bar and Restaurant, 


Battle of the Nations (UK) 2014 3rd annual event based at Hunton Court ,West Street,Hunton, Kent

I apologise about website i am not  a computer buff i can promise that the event this year will be better than the last as I have managed to get sponsorship from a private source to cover gun powder also we will have in place a blanket PLI for all units registered to take part so all units arriving at the event must sign in with the administrator in the registration tent at the main entrance before setting up camp.We cannot guarantee that anyone thats not registered will be able to take part it is entirely at the Organisers and his assistants discretion.It just leaves me to say enjoy the 2014 Hunton Court event Battle of the Nations (UK) 2014.